What is Mead?

Once upon a time fermented honey wine flavored with fruits, flowers and spices made the magical elixir known as Mead. It was one of the most popular drinks and oldest form of wine known to man. Over the centuries Mead seemed all but forgotten over the years. However it’s now enjoying a revival as people taste it and begin to understand why it’s referred to as the ‘Nectar of the Gods’.

The idea of drinking mead can conjures up visions of medieval knights, Celtic tribes and Viking warriors. With endless combinations of fruit, herbs and spices there is a mead for every taste preference. It can be sweet or bone dry, still or sparkling, traditional or made with a modern twist the possibilities are unlimited and there is nothing common about it.

Fable Farm Meadery - Port Orchard, WA

Adventure is Calling

All mazers of mead seem to start with a “once upon a time” and finish with a tale of a life lived to the fullest. As unique as mead is we’ve always felt that mead drinkers were just a bit different than the rest of the world. These are adventure seekers, explorers, deep thinkers, dreamers and those that experience a bit of a wanderlust. They work hard and play harder and when they call it a day; they kick back and toast their tankards of mead together praising a day well lived. Is this your tribe? Does this storm the castle approach to life describes you or are you still contemplating your next great adventure? Either way, lift a glass of medieval elixir and celebrate the possibilities. We’ve been enjoying our own variations of this magical brew for years. 2020 is the year. We are finally licensed and able to share our internationally award winning meads  with the world!

A Bit of History

Growing and raising food to sell at the local farmers market has been a way of life for us since moving to the farm, yet we have also continued the family’s tradition of making our own delicious adult beverages for our own enjoyment. A discerning palate for fine beverages runs in Michelle’s blood. The family loves to share the tales of Granddad being a moonshiner. His talents included managing his still while also working to avoiding the “revenuers”. Her father moved things to the less risky (and entirely legal) practice of making wine.

Some kids are raised in white picket fence families, but that wasn’t her. Michelle’s childhood involved carboys of wine stashed in various closets, listening to the gentle gurgle of bubbling airlocks, long discussions about the various qualities of fruits and the understanding that wine, rather than blood, runs through my veins. It’s a legacy she’s embraced.

Why we know our stuff!

Over the years we’ve experimented with unique flavor combinations, continued to build our skills and have had our fair share of success in both local and international competitions. Our meads run the range of full bodied and rich sack meads all the way to light, medium dry and complex meads with varieties of everything in between.

With over 20+ years of wine making experience under our belt we also decided to return to the classroom. With our commitment to always improving our meads, Michelle enrolled in an enology program to ensure that our processes are combining the best of old world styles with the latest technology to produce simply the most amazing, small batch, artisan, farm crafted mead possible.

We hope you enjoy our meads as much as we love making them.