Fable Farm & Meadery - Port Orchard, WA
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Fable Farm & Meadery - Port Orchard, WA
29 06, 2021

Battling Weeds on the Farm

By |2021-12-01T23:03:31-08:0006/29/2021|farming, gardening, homesteading, weeds|0 Comments

When going into battle against a rapidly spreading enemy that has you surrounded choosing your weapons carefully is paramount. Spring and summer is definitely the time for birth and rejuvenation on the farm. Unfortunately, that includes the 'birth' of a lot of weeds. Those suckers pop up everywhere!

9 03, 2021

Sundays are Me(ad) Days

By |2021-12-02T00:53:17-08:0003/09/2021|Historical beverages, Mead, Micro Meadery, Uncategorized, Wine|0 Comments

Sundays are mead days. Walking into the intoxicatingly sweet mead scented building and breathing deeply I feel a sense of pure joy and excitement settle over me. It's the feeling you get when you are doing what you love.

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