Introducing Our 2021 Meads

Plum Shameless

A light-bodied, semi-sweet mead, with soft fruit and floral esters. This unadulterated mead showcases the coalescence & distinctiveness of the flavor composition: the tart pomegranate of the Hibiscus, the sweetness of the plum flesh & tart quality of the plum skin, brought together by wildflower honey finished with a good length of lingering vanilla. This perfect flavor combination makes this shamelessly good.

Blackberry Shenanigans

This mead is light, medium dry with beautiful ripe berry esters. The fruity nose, rich berry flavors, delicate honey undertones, and hints of cardamom spice bring complexity, balance, and harmony to the wine. Lift your glass and let the shenanigans commence.

Flower Floozies

Flower Floozies is a light and silky, semi-sweet mead. It has exquisite floral notes drawn from chamomile and elderflower blended with high-quality local wildflower honey. Hints of citrus brighten the overall experience and capture our passion for all things floral.

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